Tribute to Harry

Harry Blomme

Harry Blomme passed away suddenly on July 19th 2003. He was 69 years old. Harry was the inspiration for the April Show and epitomized, by just being himself, everything that the show stands for.

The bare facts about Harry's last few years would indicate this artist and former southern Indiana farmer found himself homeless and in poor health, in Indianapolis in the 90's. Harry subsequently found housing through the efforts of Bill Bickel at the Homeless Initiative. At all times, he was a prolific artist. While transitioning to his new home he became good friends with David Hittle of Lutheran Child and Family Services, which led to the creation of the April Show.

The bare facts of Harry's last few years here in Indianapolis don't indicate his impact on the people who met him. He was able to break the stereotypes and perceptions about homelessness, he was comfortable rubbing shoulders with folks from all walks of life, and he made them feel completely at ease with him.

Harry has also left a substantial physical legacy in his artwork, which has found a home in many Indianapolis residences, businesses and galleries.

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